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Gold Vision CRM

Forget Traditional CRM

Our experience suggests that no two businesses demand the same thing from their CRM system, which is exactly why we work with Gold Vision; as it is anything but a traditional CRM system.

Gold Vision is all about delivering a connected business, giving transparency across an entire organisation, whatever the industry or method of working.

Here at Cornerstone we understand the value a truly flexible system like Gold Vision can deliver and we have direct experience of implementing it in a number of different roles within a range of vertical sectors, including:

  • As a patient referral system within the NHS
  • As a traditional pipeline management tool in an international sales business
  • As a help desk/job tracking system within the IT sector
  • As a campaign and event management solution for a marketing business
  • As a course booking and certification system for a training company
  • As a telesales and contact management system within a telecoms business

This variety of uses demonstrates how versatile Gold Vision is and how it can easily be adapted to meet the very specific needs of almost any business.

Whilst Gold Vision does offer some traditional relationship concepts such as Companies, Contacts and Activities, its real value is in how these entities work together with the other areas of the system such as email marketing, campaign management, seminars and projects.

Unlike other conventional CRM systems which present data in a hierarchical format, Gold Vision works like a carousel, making it extremely easy to navigate between all related areas of the system, making on screen interrogation simple and logical.

With its own fully integrated email marketing tool, GV Connect, Gold Vision removes the duplication of data entry between systems whilst delivering all of the functionality a standalone email marketing tool would offer.

To see an overview of the full functionality in Gold Vision please click here or alternatively you can read about one of our existing clients on our case studies page.

For more information to book a demonstration or to speak to one of our consultants about your specific requirements, please contact us.

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