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Gold Vision Consultancy

Getting the best from Gold-Vision CRM Software

Gold-Vision is a powerful CRM tool. Ensuring that you make the most of your investment in Gold-Vision software is key, and Cornerstone can consult, project manage and implement Gold-Vision into your business.

We will work with you to ensure that the software is configured exactly how you want and need it to be. A key strength of Gold-Vision is that it can be totally customised, to replicate the processes and terminology of your business. For example, the names and format of every field can be customised to reflect the terms and descriptions used in your business.

Our Gold-Vision consultancy incorporates the following steps:
•    Business analysis – identifying what you need the software to do
•    Configuration – ensuring the software is fully customised for your organisation’s needs
•    Integration analysis – ensuring the software communicates with other systems and software in your business
•    Process mapping – determining the flow of data into and around your business, so that Gold-Vision automates the same processes
•    Data integration – moving data from your legacy systems into Gold-Vision
•    Training – for all team members who will be using the software

After gathering the information we will setup Gold-Vision according to your needs, before handling the ‘go live’ process. We will be on hand every step of the way to ensure that Gold-Vision is successfully rolled out, smoothly and with minimal disruption, and your users are fully trained to feel confident about using the software.

For more information about our Gold-Vision consultancy service please contact us or call 0845 600 2008.