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Software Solutions with a Financial Background

System Design and Software Selection

Choosing to implement a new system or piece of business management software into your business can be a daunting task. These projects usually incur significant time and money costs so it is critical to ensure the right decision is made which ultimately delivers benefit to the business.

Our experience suggests that many businesses don’t deliver maximum benefit from the opportunity to update or change their systems and all to often shoehorn old processes and an old way of working into a new product. Our approach is different. We take the opportunity to change seriously and look at how the overall running of the business can be improved.

  • Can you rationalise the number of applications in the business?
  • Do existing systems overlap?
  • Can we integrate several solutions rather than replace?
  • Are you getting 100% from existing software – is there an opportunity to revisit the original implementation and make the software work better?

One of the fundamental first steps is to document your key business requirements and provide background information on the need for change. This analysis can then help in the search and selection process.

Cornerstone works with you to listen to what you need from IT investment, and can accurately match your business requirements with software packages, based on budget and functionality. We can help guide you through the process, acting as your advocate to ensure that you know how the new system or software will benefit your business. For more information please call or complete our contact form.