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IT & Software Project Management

The selection of a new system for your business is only the first step. Making sure it is implemented in a way which reflects your initial aims is the hard part. This is where a dedicated project manager or management team can assist.

Whether Cornerstone has been responsible for the selection process or you simply need us to come in and manage another IT/Software implementation our team are extremely experienced at delivering complex projects on time and on budget.

Setting out the original goals for the project and keeping these in mind at every stage of the works ensures that focus is not lost or sidetracked. The key to project management is minimising risk, assigning appropriate resources on an agreed timeline and ensuring good levels of communication between all parties throughout. This process usually starts with a project plan, created with all sides as part of a kick off meeting. The plan will set out key milestones, allocate jobs and also build in crucial review points which will allow the team to come together in working groups or as a whole to consider progress to date and identify any potential issues.

It is the job of the project manager to assess any issues and decide how they are managed within the project and what risk they pose to the overall success. By working with the team these risks can be correctly managed, mitigated or resolved allowing the project to continue, on schedule.

Having made a substantial investment in a new system it only makes sense that you get the maximum return on that investment. Employing a Cornerstone project manager with experience of similar work will allow you to return your focus to your business knowing the project will be managed in an efficient manner. Contact us now to find out more.