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Disaster Recovery

What constitutes a business disaster will vary from company to company. Cornerstone defines a disaster as any event which affects your ability to carry out normal business operations.

Day to day disasters, such as deleting documents in error, hardware faults or software errors can just as easily create disruption for your business as a fire, flood or theft. They may not have the same level of impact as a major systems failure or natural disaster but they still cost time and money to resolve.

Being disaster ready is equally as subjective with a number of businesses believing they are protected, but actually not. Here is one such scenario:

So you keep back up tapes – great!
Where are they now? – In the building with a member of staff?
The same building that you are protecting against…

Many businesses are also not aware of the insurance implications of not being fully prepared for a major event.
•    Do you know the insurance implications of your policy?
•    Do you comply with your insurers requirements?
•    To what extent will they cover loss of business? e.g. if you sell cars and are unable to trade for two weeks, what happens to the servicing work you would have secured on the cars you missed selling – revenue that could be charged many months after the event.

Our approach is simple but effective. We consider what could go wrong and plan against it by employing common sense and cost effective solutions. Each risk is graded and appropriate solutions are recommended for each level/scenario. For example, a scheduled and automatic online backup eliminates human error or problems with backup tapes and ensures your data is held at an offsite location.

We offer a proactive, free of charge, disaster recovery planning service which will test your ability to respond. From that exercise we will put together a proposal to cover all levels of disaster based on your feedback and in reference to your insurance policy. To organise your disaster planning event, contact us now.