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Software Solutions with a Financial Background

Bespoke Solutions

For many the idea of a bespoke software solution is not something they wish to consider. The word bespoke gives impressions of a legacy piece of software, written by one person upon whom the business becomes entirely reliant.

However, the reality is that bespoke software solutions can be a cost effective route to improved processes and they often provide a fully tailored solution to a very specific issue. Today, most developers work to Microsoft standards which means that the software is not unique and can be supported buy any worthy development house. In many cases, bespoke software is more ‘portable’ than off the shelf applications and you have a much wider choice of support partners.

Bespoke solutions may be needed by your business for a variety of reasons. You may already have a piece of bespoke software which cannot be replaced but which is intrinsic to your operation; or you may need to integrate one solution with another.

We understand that system change is a last resort for many and actually real value can be gained from simply enhancing existing systems using integration or bespoke bolt-ons. Having the ability to use bespoke solutions also mirrors our ethos to only ever provide software which is fit for purpose or provides a best fit for the client.

We have a team of Microsoft certified developers who will work with you to design and create a solution which uniquely addresses your requirements. For an initial discussion please call or complete our contact form.