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Software Solutions with a Financial Background

The Importance of Software Consultancy

30 Aug 12

In recent years, advances in hardware functionality, the recession, external financial influences and the need for IT investment to go that ‘extra mile’ have all pushed organisations to look at how they use software in their business.

Cornerstone is a specialist software supplier and consultant. We take the consultancy side of our role very seriously, and when approaching a software project we are conscious to keep a number of questions in mind:

• Can we integrate several existing software solutions rather than start from scratch?
• Are you getting 100% from existing software – is there an opportunity to revisit the original implementation and make the software work better?
• Do existing systems overlap?
• Is there a tangible business case for a new software system?

In this way we can help our clients ensure they make the best use of their IT budget. We provide consultative advice about a range software solutions including accounting software, CRM systems, document management, warehouse management and payroll packages.

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