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Cornerstone can now offer business telecom solutions

20 Nov 12

Software, hardware, consultancy and now telecoms – all under one roof We are pleased to announce that we can now provide a range of services and solutions around fixed line, mobile and data communications. We have partnered with one of the regions leading telecoms providers so we can offer our clients an expanded range of […]

Considering new accounting software?

03 May 12

Making the decision to change accounting software can be a significant undertaking. One of the main considerations when implementing a new accounts package is to ensure that the new system goes live at an appropriate date. There are a series of dates which act as a sensible ‘switch over’ point for a number of reasons. […]

Sage 200 – The Natural Upgrade for Sage 50

21 Feb 12

Using Sage software enables your business to properly record and analyse your accounts information. As your business grows, you may begin to push the boundaries of your existing Sage solution.

Reviewing Your IT Solutions

24 Jan 12

Choosing to update or upgrade your IT solutions is a significant undertaking. If 2012 is the year you have earmarked to update your systems, then you will need to spend time identifying what investment into IT you would like to make, to ensure that you reap the benefits from your spend. Cornerstone can help with […]

Sage Software – A Good Time to Review

16 Jan 12

Investing in accounting software can be significant undertaking for your business – both in terms of time and investment. Yet for many companies, once the software is purchased, it is rarely reviewed to ensure that it is still delivering what it should be.

Your 2012 IT Strategy

15 Dec 11

With a new year on the horizon, many companies sensibly use this time to take stock and plan ahead. For most, reviewing IT infrastructure is important – to ensure that any investment which has been made is delivering benefits.

Need Help With Management Reporting?

10 Nov 11

During difficult economic times many companies struggle trying to get a better grip on their business operations. Understanding the financial position of the company is key to ensuring its success – whatever the business climate.

Choosing New Accounting Software?

27 Oct 11

It can be difficult to know where to turn in the search for new accounting software. The vast majority of solutions ‘do the accounts’ but if you want to select a solution which supports the unique way in which your business works you may need to explore different options.