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Setting Up A Business In Essex

31 May 12

As further talk of doom and gloom appears to be high on the agenda for the press, our own recent experience suggests that Essex may be choosing to ignore the dark clouds and get on with the job of delivering business growth.

Throughout the recession we have helped a number of new start-up businesses get set up with CRM and Accounting software solutions, and the influx of new companies does not seem to be about to stop. The range of new businesses, products and services we have witnessed has been extremely interesting to work with as we have helped people from various backgrounds establish their ideas.

As well as many of the usual suspects you would expect to see in a recession; management buyouts, purchases from insolvency and people starting out on their own using redundancy payments as their own funding stream; we have also witnessed some other new trends starting to appear such as departments, divisions or distinct services buying themselves out of parent businesses or public sector institutions and young entrepreneurs choosing to set up a business instead of following the traditional college or university route.

Seeing so many new start-ups is pleasing and it is also nice to see that these businesses are choosing to set themselves up for the long-term by investing in IT and systems from day one. With the ability to trade on-line and rely on good management reporting, we are sure that every one will be a success and we look forward to helping them into the future.

It is also worthy of note that many of our more established clients have also shown signs of real growth throughout the last 5 years proving that Essex really does appear to be the place to do business in a double dip recession.

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