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Sage Software – A Good Time to Review

16 Jan 12

Investing in accounting software can be significant undertaking – both in terms of time and investment. Yet for many companies, once the software is purchased, it is rarely reviewed to ensure that it is still delivering what it should be.

If the time has come to review the use of your Sage software, it may make sense to consider the following:

•         Are you using the latest version of Sage software?

•         Do you have any users who need training on Sage?

•         Do you need to add new users or new licences?

•         Do you have any outstanding support issues?

•         Do you want to bring Payroll in house to reduce costs?

•         Do you need to re-order Sage stationery?

Cornerstone is a fully accredited Sage partner, and can help with any of your Sage software, training and support needs.

For more information, please call 0845 600 2008 or email info@www.cornerstone-mis.com.

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