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Reviewing Your IT Solutions

24 Jan 12

Choosing to update or upgrade your IT solutions is a significant undertaking. If 2012 is the year you have earmarked to update your systems, then you will need to spend time identifying what investment into IT you would like to make, to ensure that you reap the benefits from your spend.

Cornerstone can help with a range of IT solutions including:

• Software – with specific expertise of accounting and CRM software, we are fully accredited Sage, Exchequer and Gold-Vision partners, and have experience of a wide range of software solutions including document management, warehouse management and payroll packages. We can assist with new software projects, and upgrades of any of your existing packages.

• Telephone Systems – encompassing the latest in VOIP technology, we can offer telephone hardware, line provision, mobiles, office systems , connectivity and calls to provide a total communications solution

• Disaster Recovery – a disaster is any event which affects your ability to carry out normal business operations. Ensuring that you regularly review your IT operations is vital. Our approach is simple but effective. We consider what could go wrong and plan against it by employing common sense and cost effective solutions.

• Hardware and Infrastructure – computer hardware provides the foundation for all of your other IT investments. We can help ensure your PC’s, network cabling, laptops, servers and peripheral items are up to the job, to provide you and your team with a robust IT infrastructure

To discuss any aspect of your IT strategy, please contact Cornerstone on 0845 600 2008.

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