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Reduce your telecoms costs with Cornerstone

21 Nov 12

Most organisations have no idea how much they spend on voice and data communications.

As telecom services multiply and staffing levels increase, the more traditional methods of dealing with telecoms become expensive, outdated and more complex.

You probably buy your lines, calls, mobiles, broadband, data and hardware from several different suppliers or always use the same one without checking if you are getting the best deal. Enterprises with global workforces can often have trouble tracking and managing their telecom costs. In fact, telecom bills can be some of the most confusing to read and interpret. So here are a few top tips to help keep control of those costs:

  • Review and unify your telecoms through a single supplier. You could save up to 30% and secure ‘freebies’ like a phone system, free staff to staff calls and international calls.
  • Analyse every item on your bill. Devices or lines can still be active and chargeable yet not in use by an employee.
  • Establish and streamline usage policies for your employees.
  • Keep a close eye on contracts and data plans. You may be paying for unused minutes and data.
  • Make sure that your organisation is equipped with up-to-date technology.

Reducing your costs is key
Cornerstone can help ensure that your organisation is equipped with the most up to date technology, enabling you to better control key expenses such as telecommunications and to review any solution or service more than five years old ensuring that the technology is still relevant.

To organise an initial discussion with a Cornerstone consultant to discuss and review your existing services, contact us on 0845 600 2008.

About Cornerstone
Cornerstone helps companies to better manage IT strategy and systems, acting as a true software partner for its clients, focusing on providing excellence throughout every stage of any project. Cornerstone’s commitment to client excellence enables it to help businesses respond to any changes in their circumstances – be that growth, a desire to work smarter or a change in business focus. Cornerstone keeps pace with the market by combining the experience of business advisors, accountants and IT specialists.

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