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Knowing Your Customers – The Importance of CRM

19 Jan 12

A key challenge for any business is to ensure an implicit understanding of its customer base. This vital information then ensures that the organisation properly positions itself, and maximises its profitability.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems provide the base for all customer information to be stored. The latest options provide a central point for client information across the entire business ranging from front to back office.

Cornerstone works with Gold-Vision CRM – an impressive CRM package which can be fully configured to match the terminology used in a specific organisation. The system allows virtually every tab, field and screen to be changed, redesigned and renamed to suit the organisation’s needs. The entire system can also be relabelled so that it reflects the terms used in the business e.g. contacts can be referred to as customers, clients, patients and so on.

Gold-Vision includes built-in email marketing functionality, event management tools and a powerful workflow process. This allows users to be guided through every part of a sales or fulfilment process, ensuring that each step is completed in turn and in the way the organisation requires. It is fully integrated with Microsoft Office and provides direct lookup access from Microsoft Outlook and automatic mail merges for standard business documents with Microsoft Word.

Ultimately using a powerful CRM package can help you better understand your clients and improve your business performance.

For more information about Gold-Vision please click here. If you would like to discuss your CRM requirements or would like to request a Gold-Vision brochure please call 0845 600 2008.

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