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FREE Half Day Sage Review

21 Apr 11

Cornerstone is offering a free half-day Sage assessment service. The System Assessment Service is designed to identify minor and major issues and also consider how Sage might be adapted to meet the changing needs of your business.

The service consists of two elements:

On-Site User Review

Using a simple questionnaire we ask your key users to tell us about their:

• Suggested Improvements – what would they improve
• Opportunities for Time Savings – what takes too long
• Frustrations – what could Sage do better
• Aspirations – what more could Sage do or what additions would they like to see

If we can identify simple problems, which need a ‘quick fix’ our consultant may be able to demonstrate a potential solution to you during the visit. Otherwise all findings and recommendations will be presented in a follow up report.

Follow-Up Report
As a result of the onsite review, our recommendations will be documented in a one-page synopsis. In the report we will identify training needs, required system changes and potential add-ons to fulfil gaps in functionality. The report will be presented with relevant details and associated costs where appropriate. The report will be delivered within two weeks of the onsite session.

Please note that the System Assessment Service does not and cannot include the following:
Attempts to resolve outstanding Helpdesk calls
Application of corrections or enhancements to your system during the visit, e.g. amending system settings, writing reports, etc
Addressing significant business issues that require a full System Audit or Business Analysis service

If you would like to book your free half-day assessment, please contact Cornerstone. Alternatively please visit our dedicated Sage area.

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