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Christmas – Can Your System Cope?

18 Nov 11

Are you looking forward to all the additional revenue in the build up to Christmas but also concerned as to whether your IT systems can support the spike in trade?

Christmas time can represent a major boost in the fortunes of retail, distribution and online trading companies and in some cases can make or break a business. Lost sales, too much or too little stock and slow or sloppy despatch can have a detrimental effect on what should be a strong period in your annual sales. Therefore if your order processing, ecommerce or accounting systems are not up to the task, you may struggle to make the most from the increased revenue.

If you have an eCommerce website that is not connected to your sales order processing software, or your tills cannot read a live stock position, then you may be opening your business to increased costs for order processing or worse still, selling goods you physically don’t have and cannot source in time.

Here at Cornerstone we can help you put together an end-to-end solution which ensures all your orders are handled smoothly and quickly, whilst managing your stock in such a manner that you are proactively alerted to any issues before they arise. We can even help your staff or your website to cross sell and upsell with little or no intervention, increasing the average spend per visit.

As well as managing your internal processes, a good system should also focus on delivering the customer with a better shopping experience which in turn will increase the chances of them returning with more business outside of the festive period.

If you are buoyed by increased sales but apprehensive about your ability to deliver, contact us now to see how we can help.

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