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Reviewing Your IT Solutions

24 Jan 12

Choosing to update or upgrade your IT solutions is a significant undertaking. If 2012 is the year you have earmarked to update your systems, then you will need to spend time identifying what investment into IT you would like to make, to ensure that you reap the benefits from your spend. Cornerstone can help with […]

Knowing Your Customers – The Importance of CRM

19 Jan 12

A key challenge for any business is to ensure an implicit understanding of its customer base. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems provide the base for all customer information to be stored.

Sage Software – A Good Time to Review

16 Jan 12

Investing in accounting software can be significant undertaking for your business – both in terms of time and investment. Yet for many companies, once the software is purchased, it is rarely reviewed to ensure that it is still delivering what it should be.