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10% Off Sage Stationery During the Summer 2011

23 Jun 11

Ensuring that you have the right stationery to hand is an important part of your accounting process. All documents created in Sage are pre-designed to fit with Sage stationery, so having the right paper in stock ensures a professional finish for your invoices, credit notes, payslips or cheques.

Cornerstone is a fully authorised supplier of Sage stationery. We provide a fast and efficient service, to help make sure you never run out of your Sage stationery items.  If you haven’t ordered any Sage stationery from us before we are happy to offer you a 10% discount, if you place your first order in June, July or August 2011. Please call 0845 600 2008 or email info@www.cornerstone-mis.com and we will arrange quick dispatch of your discounted stationery.

If you are not currently using the standard reports and forms in Sage, and would like to begin doing so, we can help. Our Sage accredited consultant can set up the software so that you make the best use of the reports and forms available. Please contact Ben Cooper on 0845 600 2008 for more information.

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