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Software Solutions with a Financial Background

Sage for Construction

The construction industry is a key market for the Sage range of solutions. Modules which cater for all elements of the construction industry have been developed allowing a system to be configured which meets the very specific needs of the industry as a whole as well as key verticals.

Sage understands that not all construction business have the same requirements. Therefore different versions of the software have been developed which tackle the different facets of specific industries; general building, main contractor and house builders as well as businesses which support the construction industry but might not normally be classed as construction e.g. steel fabricators.

Accounting and CIS

Sage’s leading accounting software is coupled with a CIS module to provide total control over the accounting side of the business and ensure all legislation on CIS is adhered to. Easy to use and easily implemented, this combination does not require an in-depth knowledge of accounting to operate. Everything from basic stock management to invoicing and receipting can be handled through the core accounting module. More specific contract based invoicing and financial management can be handled in the Contract Management function.

Contract Management

The Sage solutions cover every element of the contract process throughout the lifetime of the project. As well as recording important contact between the business and client/suppliers, the contract management solution provides important links for managing external processes which can affect the success of the project – such as plant hire and supply chain management. All elements feed into a close financial management of every project which can be linked back to the original project evaluations and estimates.

Evaluating and Estimating

This module provides an end to end solution that covers the cost analysis of every project. Strict planning and financial control can be applied to ensure maximum profit is derived. Before the project starts, cost estimates and analysis assess how competitive the business can be in relation to the scope of the works. The output from this analysis then goes forward to a planning stage to build a detailed financial model that should reflect the various stages of the contract. At every stage it is possible to step back and make changes in the model to consider ‘what if’ scenarios.

Assuming that the figures make sense, the model can be encapsulated in a quote or tender and can inform the contract management system in the event of the bid being successful.

If you need tighter control on your building and construction projects and want strong, relibale accounting, contact us today to discuss Sage.

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