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Sage 50 Accounts 2012

Sage 50 Accounts 2012

Sage 50 Accounts 2012

Sage 50 Accounts 2012 offers a series of benefits that will help Sage user. In Cornerstone’s opinion it appears to be the first software release in a number of years that actually makes the small software and training cost worthwhile.

Having just spent time reviewing Sage 2012, here are the Cornerstone team’s thoughts on a few of the new features:

Sage Mobile (Smart Phone App)
Allows you to add orders, view details and run reports from Sage via your smart phone, wherever and whenever you need them
We Say – A great piece of genuinely useful functionality that means Sage 50 can start to compete with web based solutions that offer anytime access to accounting data.

Performance Improvements
Faster processing of transactions, postings and reconciliations and easier reporting
We Say – Hooray! When an author recognises genuine issues within their system and acts upon them, this can only be celebrated. Whilst the method of delivering these improvements is a workaround behind the scenes, the benefit is tangible to the user.

Quick Search and Quick Print
Simply the ability to search and print within modules without using the detailed functions
We Say – really useful and something many users have requested for years!

System Set up and Config
A smoother and easier installation process
We Say – ok this one is mainly used when setting you up, but it does mean less fuss and more chance of catching any issues before they happen when setting up new systems

Because we see Sage 2012 as a significant upgrade in the series, we are strongly recommending that all Sage 50 clients consider upgrading ASAP. To support that upgrade and ensure companies make the most of the change we are happy to offer tailored delivery packages and deals to clients as an incentive to move.

Contact us on 0845 600 2008 for more details and to get an upgrade quotation.

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